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Accelerators for any stage entrepreneur!

Whether you are dreaming about starting a business, looking to grow an existing business, or preparing to exit, we’ve got you covered.​


Ideation Trainings

Two Entry Points

For Dreamers

Just have an idea you’ve been dreaming about? This four-hour training is tailored for you. We help you systemize and formalize the next steps. 

For Builders

Have an existing business and are looking for growth? This 8-hour training is tailored to your needs. We help you answer the necessary questions needed to visualize and actualize the next steps for growth.


Growth Trainings


For Growth

This eight-hour training is for 101 and 201 graduates. Taking you through the necessary steps of marketing, sales, financing, and strategic planning. Graduates leave with a business and strategic plan.

For Masterminds

These specialized trainings connect you, the entrepreneur, with skills experts to hone your skills as well as provide you with ongoing support. Training include: Marketing Cheat Codes; Website Optimization, Everything Legal, How to Prepare for, and Secure, Loan and Grant funding.

We Need Your Support Today!

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