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Our Mission

About Us

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Our Mission

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

Our Vision

To build a collective of individuals, businesses, and resources to pool together for a common goal: upward mobility through entrepreneurship. 


To provide in-house programs, services, resources, and support to ANY stage entrepreneur. As a community-led center, we take our cues from you - the builders and dreamers in our community.


Our History

echo is a result of a merger between Audacity Labs and Helius, two nonprofits working with youth and entrepreneurs in our community for many years. Throughout the years, and definitely the past few years, both organizations were receiving feedback from the community that yes, there is an abundance of services offered to aspiring entrepreneurs. But, often once the program or training finished, it wasn't easy to access more in-depth or continual support for them.


And for early-stage and young entrepreneurs, there is little support at all. That feedback inspired us to envision a space built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. At echo, we want to build the “we” - a collective of individuals that fosters a sense of belonging; to join people who have a shared living experience to challenge the outdated educational and workforce models that prevent economic equity; and to pool this collective identity so we can learn together, and create a circular system for broader change through entrepreneurship to build, succeed, and repeat. 

Our Partners

Meet the Staff

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Geraud Staton

Geraud believes wholeheartedly in the mission of the organization and seeks to improve women and minority owned businesses.

Executive Director

Anjanette Miller_edited.jpg

Anjanette Miller

Anjanette has 20+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and program development.  She founded her first business in Dallas, TX, an educational advocacy center.  Before joining Helius, Anjanette was the Executive Director of Audacity Labs.

Director of Programs & Strategy

Itzel Castro-Santinanez_edited.jpg

Itzel Castro-Santibanez

Itzel is a Durham native and graduate from UNC at Greensboro. Being a minority herself, she is compelled to give back to her community by empowering underrepresented business owners to reach maximum success.

Operations Manager


Matthew O’Stricker 

Matthew O’Stricker is a Senior at Duke University from in Atlanta, Georgia and is studying Public Policy and earning a certificate in Markets and Management Matthew’s passion derives from his interest in social impact work. He currently serves as a Student Director for echo-Reverb.

Co-Student Director


Sonali Sanjay

Sonali Sanjay is undergraduate at Duke University studying statistics and also one of the student directors at Echo-Reverb! Sonali first joined as an entrepreneurship coach as a sophomore, and has enjoyed every second at our organization since.

Co-Student Director

Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 10.58.57 AM.png

Van Adamson-Thompson

Van is a rising senior at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill studying economics. A native of Spartanburg, South Carolina, he has a passion for empowering youth through education, financial literacy, and mentorship. 

Program Lead

Board Of Directors

Zoey Best_edited.jpg

Zoey Best

Zoey is a Durham native, Duke Alum, and former client of the LaunchDURHAM program. She stumbled upon entrepreneurship as a way to pay off the loans for her Master's degree, and now she owns Da Kine's Kava, Durham's only non-alcoholic + kava bar.

Board Chair

Angella Fraser_edited.jpg

Angella Fraser

Angella is a Beauty & Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Helius Fellow. After a 30 yrs. career in IT at JP Morgan Chase & Cisco, she founded HeadSpace NC to offer discerning solutions to the needs & desires of Black women over 40.

Kenyetta Hall_edited.jpg

Kenyetta Hall

Kenyetta has over 10 years of experience working with SMBs, startups and in both the private and public sector. She started The Katalyst HQ, which is a coaching and consulting company focused on helping entrepreneurs get unstuck and take their business to the next level.

Larry Long Jr_edited.jpg

Larry Long Jr.

Larry Long Jr is the Founder and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of LLJR Enterprises, focused on positively impacting individuals & organizations.

Melissa Carrier_edited.jpg

Melissa Carrier

Melissa is a professor of the practice in the Department of Public Policy and the director of Social Innovation at UNC-Chapel Hill, and co-founder of Radiate Works.

Mitch Sava.jfif

Mitch Sava

Mitch is the Managing Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Duke University. Previously, he served as the VP of Innovation and Learning at the Museum of Life and Science, and ran innovation practices with Accenture , Fjord, and Deloitte. He has also worked extensively in social and public innovation through organizations such as NESTA, the United Nations, and the Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Mitch holds an MPA in innovation and entrepreneurship policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Morgan McVane_edited.png

Morgen McVane

Morgen was born and raised in Durham. Morgen has been in the Financial Services industry for over 10 years and has spent the last 8 years working directly with small business owners to help them grow their business.

Morgen was born and raised in Durham. Morgen has been in the Financial Services industry for over 10 years and has spent the last 8 years working directly with small business owners to help them grow their business.

Quincy King_edited.jpg

Quinci King

Quinci is a member of the Duke class of 2020 from University Place, WA, now a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Quinci is dedicated to creating sustainable opportunities where undergraduate students and alumni can better engage with the regional community.

Reed Frankel_edited.jpg

Reed Frankel

Reed is an angel investor, small business advisor, and entrepreneur.

Lauren Phillips_edited.jpg

Lauren Phillips

Eric Little_edited.jpg

Eric Little

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