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Our Mission

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Our Mission

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship

Our Vision

At echo, we envision a world where the transformative power of entrepreneurship breaks down barriers to business ownership, enabling individuals to shape their destinies.


We are committed to creating a vibrant community of dreamers, fostering innovation, and providing inclusive spaces where every voice is heard and every dream has the opportunity to flourish.


Our History

echo is a result of a merger between Audacity Labs and Helius, two nonprofits working with youth and entrepreneurs in our community for many years. Throughout the years, and definitely the past few years, both organizations were receiving feedback from the community that yes, there is an abundance of services offered to aspiring entrepreneurs. But, often once the program or training finished, it wasn't easy to access more in-depth or continual support for them.


And for early-stage and young entrepreneurs, there is little support at all. That feedback inspired us to envision a space built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. At echo, we want to build the “we” - a collective of individuals that fosters a sense of belonging; to join people who have a shared living experience to challenge the outdated educational and workforce models that prevent economic equity; and to pool this collective identity so we can learn together, and create a circular system for broader change through entrepreneurship to build, succeed, and repeat. 

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